Accessibility for your web project – take each hurdle with [ka:media]

Your web project's users do not all use the same technology: They use output devices from different companies with various size displays – from cell phones to large screen monitors. That has an impact on the usability and appearance of your web projects: In extreme cases they are ineffective because they have been incorrectly programmed. In addition, each user is different: One may have poor eyesight and another may be hard of hearing. Others might be hampered by their personal motoric skills.

On the technical and the human side there are barriers that need to be overcome, to reach as many users as possible with your website. Our experience ensures that your web projects will easily overcome these hurdles. Websites and multimedia applications created by ka:media can be used by nearly everyone and for a variety of devices. You as the provider benefit from this, because your web products are accessible to far more people.

Accessibility is not an "off the shelf product". But there are reasonable, individual solutions for every need – and of course also for your web projects. The range of our service is more than just consultation: We offer customised, barrier-free programming as well as training on accessibility.

Do you think that accessibility would be the right choice for your website or multimedia application? ka:media will support you in overcoming this hurdle.

We will be happy to inform you in person about how your project can benefit from accessibility. Or do ask your questions online. We will advise you – free of charge and without obligation.

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