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[ka:media] E-Learning Plus – systematical learning

E-learning – the modern way of learning

With e-learning you choose the interactive, affordable, contemporary and environment-friendly way of learning. This kind of learning is becoming increasingly important in times of lifelong learning. E-learning gives your employees the greatest possible autonomy and provides you with maximum monitoring functions. At long last your employees can decide for themselves when they want to learn – and that in familiar surroundings. You will be able to comfortably manage and control learning processes.

E-learning products of [ka:media] – the economical alternative

With e-learning you will save – default and travel time of your staff as well as the cost of expensive seminars outside your company. E-learning is the interactive, low-cost alternative.

Whatever you need – [ka:media] has the solution

a) Your company wishes to use an e-learning platform in the future.

Our E-Learning Plus provides a learning platform to suit your business and your requirements. This flexible and powerful web product can easily be updated and maintained. Outdated material is a thing of the past!

Of course, we will implement this learning platform into your existing IT structure.

b) Your company already uses a learning platform and wishes to implement new, individual items.

ka:media will be very happy to integrate new content for you and to update your system. Benefit from our many years of experience with corporations, educational TV and many others.

E-learning for your business (PDF, 600 KB)

See for yourself! Use our cost calculator to determine quickly and simply an ideal solution for your business: Open e-learning calculator.

Is it time to start using e-learning in your company? Or do you need support with updating?
We advise you – free of charge and without obligation.

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