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[ka:media] E-Learning Basic – for SMEs

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ka:media E-Learning Basic (iPad)

  • Your company needs a powerful e-learning management system at reasonable cost?
  • You wish to create learning content (lessons, quizzes, etc.) yourself, flexibly and independently?
  • You would like to manage learners and to evaluate results?
  • In addition, you want expert assistance in compiling initial content?

Then the ka:media complete package E-Learning Basic is the right choice for you: E-Learning Basic combines a compact learning management system with expert advice, configuration, programming and effective training. Our goal is your independent use of your learning management system (LMS).

[ka:media] E-Learning Basic – four steps towards your e-learning success

Step 1)

During the in-house E-Learning Basic workshop (half a day), we decide together with you, which form of e-learning suits your company best. We work out how the LMS can be smoothly integrated into your training structures.

Step 2)

ka:media uses a high-performance, ka:media-designed and standardised learning management system. We adapt its programming, configuration and design to your needs. Finally, we install it on the server of a specialised provider.

Step 3)

Our compact-training (one day) provides your trainers (max. 4 people) with all the necessary skills for the successful management of your LMS and also e-learning software for your content creation.

Step 4)

Put your newly acquired knowledge directly and profitably into use: Develop your first e-learning course with our helpful support. We will help you achieve an independent e-learning future.

Since ka:media E-Learning Basic is based on the same technologies as our E-Learning Plus, it can easily be extended to suit your needs.

E-learning for your business (PDF, 600 KB)

See for yourself! Use our cost calculator to determine quickly and simply an ideal solution for your business: Open e-learning calculator.

ka:media E-Learning Basic demo

Please contact us for further information and login details for our E-Learning Basic demo.

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