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Custom programming – [ka:media] focuses on top quality

A website without custom programming is like a car without extras: it runs but offers less convenience.

ka:media has specialised in top-class programming of web products for over 10 years. In different projects, the team has gathered exactly the experience needed to translate your needs and desires into programming languages.

Our ka:media staff is familiar with shopping cart applications, knowledge and digital image databases, administrative, marketing and intranet applications.

Send us your idea, your briefing or your specifications. You will receive – without obligation and in confidence – a first, objective assessment and a basic recommendation of your project implementation:

  • We will advise you which technologies can and should be used for your web product.
  • You will receive a realistic assessment concerning the time frame and budget.

Would you like to know more about custom programming? We will answer your questions, free of charge, online or by phone. According to your wishes!

Information about the tools
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