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Display options: technical aids

ka:media websites and multimedia applications can be used by all people. They can also be used with various output devices. You as the provider benefit from this the most because your ka:media web products are accessible to more people.

Technical aids are usually automatically installed and invisible to users. Our website demonstrates a range of such options. You can turn these options selectively on or off.

Options for individual visual representation

How to adjust view and font size

Use the buttons "Zoom in", "Zoom out" and "Standard view" to adjust the font size to your individual needs.

How to disable transparency

Various elements of our website are of transparent design. If this minimises the readability to you, remove the transparency by activating the appropriate checkbox.


Use the "High contrast on" button to maximise the contrast between text and background. This improves the readability.


Glossary marking

The website of an IT service provider cannot totally avoid technical terms.

In addition to the standard glossary, ka:media offers a range of features that help you to understand different technical terms without using a dictionary.

See glossary (German)

Standard language

This is the default option. This option presents the website in its standard form.

Show glossary

This option marks the technical terms for which there is an explanation with a dotted underline. If you move the cursor over any of these terms, the explanation is shown.

Simplified language

In this mode, technical terms are replaced by easily understandable words. In addition, these terms are marked with a background colour.



We offer so-called Access Keys for the keyboard use of our website.

The following Access Keys are available:

Access Key functions



Alt + 0

Go to homepage

Alt + 1

Open help page (current page)

Alt + 4

Open glossary

Alt + 6

Overview / show sitemap

Alt + 7

Go to search

Alt + 9

Open contact page

Output devices

The number of available internet output devices increases daily.

To ensure that you are able to use our website optimally with any device, you can customise the website to your needs.

Currently you can choose between:

Optional output devices



Standard view

"normal" view oft the website

Small screens

Optimised view for devices with small screens such as mobile phones or PDA.

Projector view

Optimised view for projector. The contrast is enhanced and the font size is increased.

Print view

Optimised view for printer. Saves ink and paper.

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