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Makita vibration calculator


  • Online calculator as a service for the users of Makita power tools
  • Generation of stipulated documents for printout (EU ordinance)


  • Individual PHP and Ajax programming
  • Full integration into TYPO3 system

The vibration calculator programmed by ka:media enables Makita’s customers to simply generate the statutory vibration analysis for each individual employee online – also in consideration of foreign tools not manufactured by Makita.

The printed analysis can be submitted to the Employers' Liability Insurance Association on request.

Owing to ka:media’s individual programming, it takes thousands of users only a few clicks to comply with an industrial safety regulation.

Of course, as manufacturers of high-quality tools, Makita also benefits. As customer satisfaction increases the market position of Makita low vibration machines improves.

The vibration calculator is accessible to customers in Germany and Denmark.

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