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SWR: "Hast du Töne"


  • DVD on the topics of music, acoustics and listening
  • interactivity
  • accessibility


  • almost completely barrier-free flash applications, animations, games and implementation of videos
  • HTML-based text content

ka:media developed "Hast Du Töne", a comprehensive and instructional DVD-ROM on the topics of music, acoustics and listening, for SWR (a German radio and TV station).

In 2010, the project received the GIGA-Maus award for "the best music learning program for children from ten years old" shortly after being recommended by the “VDS-Medienpreis” (media award granted by the German Association of School Musicians).

Elaborate interactive animations and Flash applications create an appealing presentation. Content and Flash applications are, of course, as accessible as possible.

Information about the tools
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